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   To our future Business Star,
Hubert Humphrey
Chairman & CEO
 Congratulations and welcome to the unique opportunity that HGI provides to build your financial independence. HGI is a unique mix of experience and resources that offers you the chance for unlimited success. You can build your business locally, nationally, internationally at Entrepreneurial Dream Speed and at Web Speed. Your business can be built organically or using social media. HGI is a combination of “High-Touch” meets “High-Tech”.
There are two things that people want: 1) Financial Education – How to Win the Money Game; and 2) Entrepreneurial Education – How to Build a Profitable Business Without Restriction.
Our mission is to create wealth for families. Using our powerful Leadership Format System, we have built two separate billion-dollar market cap financial services companies...and HGI is destined to become our third one! HGI is a company that is made by system-made multimillionaires for future system-made millionaires. To be truly successful, you need to have a passion for our mission and a submission to our system.
HGI can be a part-time opportunity or a full-time career. Regardless of your background or experience, you can build a business at HGI since our system compensates for any lack of experience or abilities to build a successful business. Those with experience can build a professional agency or a high-end brokerage.
We have a great future because we have a great history. We invite all driven, determined dreamers to join us on this extraordinary expedition and Conquer Your Future. If you have the dream, we have the vehicle. For the right person, HGI is the greatest opportunity in North America.
                                Dream Big!!!
Hubert Humphrey Founder & CEO
11405 Old Roswell Road 404.685.0208
Alpharetta, Georgia 30009

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