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 Leadership Format System
The Blueprint for Success
The rapid relentless repetition of these six simple recruiting steps can lead to the building of a giant distribution system.
Continuous Opening of Outlets The LFS 6 Steps
Step 1 Prospecting
• Leader controls prospect list development.
• Leader paints a picture of how the team will be built.
Step 2
Simultaneous Production Through Outlets The Eight Speed Filters
The Follow-Up Process
(Complete Filters 1-4 within first 1-24 hours.)
Filter Stay After the Meeting
      The Approach/Contact
Get a Decision Kit
3 Set a Get Started
   • Leader controls the point of contact.
• Leader helps start the Video Drop System/”The Play”.
Step 3 The Presentation
• Leader runs the Business Opportunity Presentation (BOP).
• Mozone converts the prospects.
Step 4
• Leader guides new Associate thru Speed Filters 1-4.
Filter Keep Appointment
                   The Follow-Up
4 and Sign Up
The Start-Up Process
(Complete Filters 5-8 within next 1-24 hours.)
Develop a Prospect List ( Step 1 )
     Step 5
The Start-Up
Set Goals/Create Business Plan ( Find the “Why” )
 • Leader gets new Associate off to a Fast Start by quickly completing Speed Filters 5-8.
Step 6
• Leader gets new Associate through the entire LFS Success Cycle over and over again.
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 Do Financial Needs Analysis
7 Financial Independence Plan
(FNA) and start personal Filt
        er Get 3 Recruits and Complete
3 Field Training Sales
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