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A Recruiter’s
1. Recruiting is a state of mind.
2. Recruiting is an all-the-time thing. 3. Recruit select masses of people. 4. Recruit quantity to get quality.
5. Every prospect is a recruit until
proven differently.
6. Aim at Recruits/Hit sales. 7. Recruit and Train.
8. Recruit and Build.
9. Recruit and Motivate.
10. Recruit to Win.
      “Recruit & Motivate” — The System to Simplify & Multiply
Recruit: Run a System Whereby RECRUITING Never Stops:
1. Personal Speed Width = You must commit to and execute four consecutive 90-Day Madman Cycles of personal recruiting/front-line expansion.
2. You’ve got to constantly have geometric recruiting through your ambitious leaders and constantly identify, at all levels, your recruiting capacitors who can take a big-time recruiting charge from you.
3. The key to exploding big is to build and maintain a minimum 50,000 BV pure RMD Base Shop each month 4. This is the ONLY WAY that you can consistently produce new 1st Generation RMDs. This is your
constantly expanding base from which explosive quantum growth will come.
Motivate: Run a System Whereby MOTIVATION Never Stops:
1. Stretch their vision, then motivate them.
2. There’s a big difference between a motivated person and a great motivator.
3. To be a great Director of Motivation, you have to constantly, strategically direct your people
to proper environment, atmosphere, places, leaders and events that will stretch their vision for you. 4. You can’t stretch your own vision, you must submit yourself to great leaders and great visionaries
to stretch it for you.
A Builder’s Mindset
To Become a HGI Champion You Must Build:
1. A large network of outlets.
2. A large base of diversified product-using clients.
Two Main Focal Points to Win the Race for Outlets:
1. Get more and more personal direct legs. NEW
 2. Get more and more people (“old” and “new”) to BOPs.

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