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HGI Proven Success Formula:
Average No. of People Per Week at BOP = Average No. of Base Shop Sales Per Month
Manage Activity, but Focus on Results
The only thing standing between you and your dreams coming true is the building of your distribution system.
“Building Block” Actions
No. of invitations to BOP
No. of BOP attendees
No. of recruiting presentations No. of sales presentations
It All Starts With You
“Direct Productivity” Actions
No. of recruits
No. of recruiters
No. of sales
No. of Associates writing a sale
You must first rally you, then rally your team. Double, triple and quadruple your personal width every 90 days! You set the pace for your team.
5 Wide vs. 50 Wide — All You Have to Change Is Yourself Which Leader Will You Be?
             The Tendency for Most Weaker Builders is to:
1. Recruit them.
2. Train them on products.
A Big Builder’s Mindset Says:
1. Recruit them.
2. Help them build their own teams, while training
them how to recruit.
The Power of One
By getting just “one” recruit, you position yourself for at least 3 more training sales and a potential new “fireball” leader. Remember, you are only one recruit away from an explosion.
Build it Three Times:
1. Build it in your mind 2. Build it on paper.
3. Build it.

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