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The only way to overcome the negatives of the Law of Averages is to harness the power of the Law of High Numbers.
The Law of Averages at Work
Recruit 25 - 50% of all your prospects.
Hypothetical example for illustrative purposes only. Individual results may vary.
A Director of Motivation Profile of the Great Builders
All the great builders must do more than recruit and train a few people and work downline. They must build wide, and maintain big marketing bases, producing 100,000 to 200,000 PV a month. They must run big BOP systems, and be successful in recruiting and training 100 or more people a month in their Base for several years. They build strong personal relationships with all their key people. They produce giant EFC-type teams.
The 10-Point Profile of a Strong RMD:
1. Attitude
Totally positive, loyal to the spirit of the business.
2. Income
Cash flow of $10,000 to $15,000 per month.
3. Total Business Person
A student of the business, manages activity and focuses on results; makes money/saves money.
4. Quality Business
Maintains high levels of compliance and supervision, to ensure quality of business.
5. Strong Builder
Never stops running the leadership factory, continuously builds new waves of leaders.
6. Business Center
Runs a quality office with right facilities for high-powered BOPs and training classes.
7. Support Staff
Hires a sharp administrative team.
8. Savings
Sets aside enough cash to assure at least one year’s rent and key business expenses.
9. Strong Base After Promoting RMDs
Always builds wide and deep.
10. Motivation/Communication
A good leader; good at motivating and communicating downline using the latest in cutting-edge technology.
 200 BOP attendees = 50 recruits = 25 associates = 25 RMDs = 7 – 10 Super Team Builders =
50 new recruits
25 certified associates
1 Regional Marketing Director
1 Super Team Builder
You becoming independently wealthy.

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